The company has the advanced engineering equipments and technologies including:

Flying Camera, Exterior Inspection, Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology, Ultrasonic Leakage Test, Gas Leakage Test, Laser Measuring Tool, Electric Borescope, Electronic Beam/Studs Detection, Surface Flatness Test, Wood Structure Moisture Test, Water Pressure/Leak Test, Voltage/Current Test, Electrical System Connection Test, Infrared Energy Efficiency Diagnostic, Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Detector Test, Lead Paint Test Kit, Mold Detection Kit, HVAC Air Flow Testing, Drinking Water Quality Test, Duct Smoke Test, Air Quality Monitoring Equipment, Noise Level Testing Tool, Zoom Capability Inspection Camera, Termite Detection Kit, Electrical System Test Kit, Energy Efficiency Simulation, HVAC Equipment Selection Software, Structure Ability Simulation, Digital Drawing Scale Reader, Construction Estimating/Budgeting Software, Construction Scheduling Software. 

We can provide more accurate and professional services than others for your project and give you better design plans by our high-tech equipment and experienced team.